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Freedom of choice

Our aim is to cater for all fitness and training needs, but also to address all major energy systems that we use during physical activity, whether it be strength or endurance orientated. We will mainly run 2 types of classes at FitLife, namely CrossFit and FIT45. We also run a kids program and Boxing / Kickboxing classes. Click on a program below for more infomation.


FUNdamentals. We believe that teaching children the fundamentals of movement through fun, novel and challenging activities is the way to go! During the FitKids classes Coach Jameson gives your child the opportunity to play, learn, move and interact with others so that they can grow physically, emotionally and socially. It’s a great environment for your child to learn how to interact with their peers, how to move to avoid injury and to lay the stepping stone for an active and healthy lifestyle. Building a strong foundation of fitness and an adequate physical literacy can only help your child for sport or life in the future!   

Please navigate to the Schedule page for the FitKids class times.


Fit45 is a functional fitness class that is based on a combination of circuit training and movements that challenge the cardiovascular and pulmonary systems. The defining factor of this fitness framework is the combination of resistance and endurance exercises, which is shown to improve general health and fitness. Come to Fit45 at least twice a week and those improvements will be seen. Fit45 is also an excellent choice for endurance sport enthusiasts looking to supplement their running or cycling program.


CrossFit workouts are known for their variation in functional movements and the high intensity at which you perform them. In these classes we focus on learning basic gymnastics and weightlifting skills. These transfer to building functional strength and improving all-round fitness during the conditioning workouts, also known as WOD's (Workout of the Day).

The great thing about CrossFit is that it's movements are scalable for all and the intensity at which you train is relative to your own fitness level.

Other Services

Sports Massage Therapy & Fascia Manipulation

30min - R280
45min - R320
60min - R350

Contact Bernard on 071 127 7960

Personal Training

If you would like to have personal one-on-one sessions with one of our coaches please send us an email so that we can send you further information on our PT services and packages.

Contact any of the coaches directly to discuss personal sessions. Contact info can be found on the contact us page